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T2 is a triathlon and cycling company that is passionate about helping people of all levels achieve their goals.

We believe that everyone should feel welcome in the triathlon and cycling community, regardless of their experience level. Whether you’re wanting to finish your first 14-mile bike tour or you’re on your way to Kona. We have something for you.  

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Bryan Mewes

I love bikes.
My interest first started when I was a kid, willing my legs longer so I could fit on my dad’s yellow Eddy Merckx. That led me down the road of bike tours, grand fondos, and even crits (my main goal was usually hanging on for dear life for at least one lap) until the fateful day when I accidentally signed up for my first triathlon. I received such a warm welcome from the sport and community that I never looked back and have been trying to find a way to make it part of my everyday life.
I have grown up in a family business of auto repair. I started working summers learning bodywork and how to prep cars to be painted. Over the past 20+ years, I worked my way through every facet of the business. T2 isn’t just the transition from bike to run, it is also my second transition from a secure job to following my passion and creating a business from scratch.

Wildflower - this was my first 70.3, I won a free entry, got a free RV from a friend, and free parking because another friend was “press”, and most importantly I finished an hour ahead of what I thought my finish would be. It was still slow but damn it was fun.

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First Place - Hits, La Quinta (I was 1 of 1 🤣)

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Bryan Mewes

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